Oct 13

Life After MFA

Earlier this year, me and several other Syracuse MFA alums, returned to our alma mater to discuss this very subject at a panel organized by our beloved professor, Arthur Flowers. Is there life after the MFA? What is the nature of “literary success”? Not surprisingly, we weren’t the only ones puzzling over these questions. In fact, faculty and students in the MFA Creative Writing Program at Purdue have put together a website, The Writer’s Job, to address them. The site, though still new, has among other things, a section on submitting work to literary journals, a post about the benefits of subscribing to Duotrope, a series of power point slides on finding a literary agent, and a section on making a living (its categories include teaching, publishing, journalism, business writing, nonprofit, freelance, and other jobs). Regardless of where you are in your writing career, this site is definitely worth exploring.

Sep 13

Post-MFA Resources

Here’s another treasure, which I only discovered today: a site, created by the wonderful Erika Meitner, that brings together all sorts of useful post-MFA resources, including fellowships, residencies, academic and non-academic jobs, additional degrees, and international opportunities. Even though it’s aimed primarily at MFA students/grads, the site will be useful to writers who are not in an MFA program yet and/or not planning to go to one.