On Lit Mags and Reading Fees

I used to submit stories to literary magazines. A lot. And once upon a time I even edited a literary magazine myself. But the last few years, I was focused on writing a novel, and in that time the world of literary magazines changed a bit. For example, there are now reading fees, and they’re becoming more and more common. Are they necessary? Excessive?

In this article, Becky Tuch solicits opinions of several writers.

My own take is, I really don’t mind paying $3 if it saves me a trip to the post office. Besides once you add up postage, SASE, the cost of printing and paper and envelopes, the time and trouble it takes to put a physical submission together, not to mention the paper cuts, $3 begins to look like a total bargain.

Now a $10 or $20 reading fee is a different story entirely.

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