The MFA question

It’s that time of year. College seniors begin to contemplate their future, and the questions about MFA programs begin to pour in. Some students have done quite a bit of research already, while others seem to know almost nothing. So naturally I end up scrambling for good links and old handouts with articles, tables, and FAQs.

So here’s something to start with –
For the past few years, Poets and Writers has published annual special issues on MFA programs (including up-to-date program rankings). Getting your hands on a few of those is a good idea, but Poets and Writers has some of its tables and articles available online.

A brief overview of MFA programs
2012 MFA rankings
2012 Frequently Asked Questions
2011 Top Fifty MFAs

There’s also a guide that Poets and Writers put together, and it’s available on the site for $4.99.

Another place I’ve been recommending to my students is The MFA Blog, which has a wealth of information: interviews, advice, and answers to posted questions.

Finally, there’s Lit Bridge, a site I discovered just the other day. Among other things, it has interviews with students at MFA programs.

Digging through these sites might take a bit of time, but anyone considering a degree in Creative Writing should begin with some research.

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